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Tax season is here again. Are you prepared?

Tax season is here once again, and you and many other North Carolina residents likely have mixed feelings about getting this aspect of your financial affairs in order. You may not look forward to the process of actually filing your taxes, but you may feel a bit more amenable to potentially receiving a refund.

Of course, before you start spending that refund, you need to make sure that you will actually get one, and if an issue with your tax papers comes about, you may end up facing numerous problems that leave you feeling stressed. As a result, you may want to prepare for getting your tax-related affairs in order before you file.

Financial liability for probate errors could fall to the executor

When emotions are running high, it can be difficult for anyone to make important decisions. However, after the passing of a loved one, you may be put in charge of handling his or her final affairs. You may want some time to yourself to grieve, but starting the probate process is an important task that needs to occur soon after a loved one's passing.

Whether you anticipated taking on the role of executor or not, you now face the numerous responsibilities associated with this position. You may not necessarily look forward to having to close your loved one's estate, but still, you will need to complete the process.

Common factors that contribute to financial problems

As you entered your adult years, you likely hoped that you would have a good job and earn an income that allowed you to live your life without financial worries. While many North Carolina residents have this desire, it does not always work out. Though you may have obtained gainful employment and felt comfortable in your financial situation for a time, money problems may have come about more quickly than you anticipated.

If you are facing considerable debt, you are not alone. Numerous people find themselves in this type of predicament for a variety of reasons. In some cases, circumstances outside of a person's control could have led to the ordeal, and in others, poor personal choices could have contributed.

That traffic ticket may be worth fighting against

Though you get behind the wheel of your vehicle almost every day, you may not realize or fully think through the fact that you bend the rules on occasion. You may travel a few miles over the posted speed limit or roll through a stop sign when no one is coming rather than stopping completely. Because no harm has come from your actions, you may not consider them a big deal.

Of course, police officers typically see things differently and consider traffic violations of any type a big deal. As a result, if an officer sees you committing a violation or another person alerts authorities to your concerning behavior, it is possible that an officer could stop you and issue you a traffic ticket.

Is uncontested divorce the right choice for your situation?

Divorce is not an easy process, but there are choices available to you that can help you make it less stressful and complicated. Some North Carolina couples find it is possible to seek an uncontested divorce, which is often a much faster and easier process than a traditional divorce. Before you move forward with any important decisions, it may be helpful to consider this option.

The choice to end your marriage will affect many parts of your life, including your finances and your relationship with your children. It is in your interests to think carefully about the choices you make and consider their long-term impact. Even with an uncontested divorce, it is prudent to ensure the protection of your rights and future interests.

What is at stake with a DUI arrest?

Drunk driving in North Carolina and across the country results in injuries, death and immeasurable damages. For this reason, states pass laws with strict penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition to exacting punishment for violating the law, these penalties serve as a deterrent to keep others from taking chances by driving after they have been drinking.

Nevertheless, if police arrest you for DUI, you may not realize how serious an offense it is and how a conviction can affect you now and into the future.

Do I really need an estate plan?

If you are putting off the important work of creating an estate plan, you are not alone. Most people come to the end of their lives with no provisions for their loved ones or their assets, leaving others to make critical decisions. Often, these decisions are nothing like what the deceased would have made if he or she had taken the time to make an estate plan.

Some people may have more urgent reasons to make a will or establish a trust, such as having a loved one with special needs or needing to protect a family business. If you do not relate to these situations, you may need to understand some more common reasons why having an estate plan, sooner rather than later, is a wise idea.

Why an attorney is important when buying a home

You probably wouldn't think to hire a lawyer when you buy your groceries. Even when you make a larger purchase, such as an appliance or a vehicle, you typically do so without consulting an attorney. So, shouldn't it be the same when you buy your home?

Purchasing a home can be an exciting time, but it can also be intimidating and overwhelming. You would be right to seek advice, and you probably have many friends and family members who would willingly offer their words of wisdom. However, because the purchase of a home involves many legal issues that could affect you beyond the settlement date, North Carolina requires home buyers to have an attorney present at closing. Having an attorney could benefit you during the purchase process and in the long run.

Does liquidation bankruptcy mean I will lose all of my property?

One of the biggest fears that North Carolina residents have regarding bankruptcy is the thought of losing personal property. There are a lot of misconceptions about consumer bankruptcy, and one of the main concerns is how non-financial assets will be dealt with by the courts. In reality, it is quite possible you will be able to keep most of the things that are important to you.

Chapter 7, the most popular option for consumer bankruptcy, is liquidation bankruptcy. This process requires the liquidation of certain assets in order to pay off debts. If you file for Chapter 7, it is true you may have to surrender some of your property, but it does not necessarily mean you will have to give up everything. There are certain exemptions that may be available to you.

Whiplash injuries can be a real pain in the neck, and back

There are a multitude of injuries that an individual might suffer during a motor vehicle accident. While some may be immediately apparent, others can take time to manifest symptoms, and despite the delay in pain, these could be just as harmful to you as any other.

If you are in an accident, you could walk away feeling as though the worst is behind you, only to wake up the next day with a searing pain in your neck and upper back. If this sounds familiar, you could be suffering from the common accident injury known as whiplash.


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