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Whiplash injuries can be a real pain in the neck, and back

There are a multitude of injuries that an individual might suffer during a motor vehicle accident. While some may be immediately apparent, others can take time to manifest symptoms, and despite the delay in pain, these could be just as harmful to you as any other.

If you are in an accident, you could walk away feeling as though the worst is behind you, only to wake up the next day with a searing pain in your neck and upper back. If this sounds familiar, you could be suffering from the common accident injury known as whiplash.

Has dashboard knee left you feeling bent?

Serious car accidents can often result in considerable damage to your vehicle. Though many larger vehicles may offer substantial protection from such events, severe impacts could result in your suffering injuries. These injuries could range in severity, but in many cases, a crash could cause you to need medical treatment, rehabilitation or other attention in order to recover.

Any injuries to your extremities could cause you to experience considerable hindrances in your everyday life. If you suffer an injury to your leg, you may even lose the ability to walk or have your ability considerably impaired for a certain amount of time. In such cases, you may find that you cannot perform work duties or manage daily tasks without assistance.

Collaboration: Is there really a better way to divorce?

North Carolina couples facing divorce often dread the long, complicated process ahead. For many couples, the prospect of a long, contentious divorce is dreadful, but there may be a better way to walk through the emotional and stressful process of ending a marriage.

Collaborative divorce is a way that some couples can divorce without fighting it out in court. This option is more respectful, more peaceful and can be significantly less stressful that a contentious battle between two opposing parties. While a collaborative divorce can be a positive choice for many couples, it is not always the best choice for every couple.

Is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy a good move?

One of the most frightening experiences you can have is realizing you can no longer survive financially in your current state. You may have found that your liabilities exceed your assets, through no fault of your own - for instance, perhaps the state of the economy or of your particular industry has negatively impacted your sales. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a viable option for addressing your financial challenges in North Carolina.

Filing for bankruptcy may be the wisest thing you can do

Sometimes debts build up over time until one day when you look at your bills you have to look again because an unexpected red flag has just gone up. Overwhelming debt can also follow a car accident, job loss or other unanticipated crisis. Your natural reaction may be to work out a strict budget and immediately cut back on spending. While this is preferable to rushing out and getting a high-interest payday loan, a tight budget will not provide immediate relief. In fact, it may only slow your sinking.

Simplifying the Complexities of Personal Injury Laws in North Carolina

Personal injury law gives a person the right to go to a civil court to pursue legal remedies for an injury or any losses they incurred from an accident caused by another party's negligence. Even though legal procedures are similar nationwide, laws may vary state-to-state with each one having unique requirements of their own. If you have been injured or think you have grounds for personal injury litigation in North Carolina, there are a few key laws you need to remember when you are in the process of filing your claim.

Even wealthy rock stars make the mistake of not having a will

By now, everyone has probably heard that the international rock star Prince died in his studio in Minnesota in late April. That he died at the young age of just 57 may not have come as a great surprise to anyone who knows about the hard-living ways of entertainers in today's world. That he died without leaving a last will and testiment to properly dispense of his $300 million estate, however, should come as a surprise and disappointment to everyone.


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