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Is uncontested divorce the right choice for your situation?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is not an easy process, but there are choices available to you that can help you make it less stressful and complicated. Some North Carolina couples find it is possible to seek an uncontested divorce, which is often a much faster and easier process than a traditional divorce. Before you move forward with any important decisions, it may be helpful to consider this option.

The choice to end your marriage will affect many parts of your life, including your finances and your relationship with your children. It is in your interests to think carefully about the choices you make and consider their long-term impact. Even with an uncontested divorce, it is prudent to ensure the protection of your rights and future interests.

What you should know about this option 

An uncontested divorce is simpler and faster, but that does not make it the best choice in every situation. While the two parties do not necessarily have to like each other or get along, there is one primary factor in determining whether a couple is eligible for an uncontested divorce – there must be no remaining disputes to resolve. In an uncontested divorce, a couple files papers having already come to reasonable, satisfactory conclusions for all divorce-related issues, including the following:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Property division
  • Financial support
  • Division of marital debt

In some cases, couples are already in agreement regarding these things, thus eliminating the need for litigation or even alternative dispute resolution methods. Because litigation is not necessary and there is already an agreement, it generally costs less to file for an uncontested divorce. It is less stressful, and couples are able to have more control over the terms of their final order.

Before finalizing the terms of an uncontested divorce order, you may find it beneficial to have a careful review of everything. This will ensure you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks in the future for the sake of expediency. 

Make sure your future is secure

It is beneficial to ensure that you are agreeing to terms that will allow you to have security and stability for years to come. A complete assessment of your case can help you understand if an uncontested divorce is the right choice for your situation. 

While there are many benefits to seeking an uncontested divorce, it is prudent to keep your focus on what will still work for you and your family well into the future.