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Benefits of settling your divorce vs. going to court

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Family Law |

When picturing divorce, many people think of spouses sitting in a courtroom waiting for a judge to decide their future. Some imagine a bitter and contentious fight.

While contested divorces do happen frequently, most divorcing couples understand that the best outcomes typically result from working together, especially if they have children.

Top three considerations for an amicable divorce

When a marriage ends, working together over sharing custody, splitting assets and setting support payments usually leads to fewer financial, emotional and physical consequences for everyone than costly litigation. Here are the main benefits:

  • Time: Going to trial can take a year or more, especially as court calendars are backlogged due to the pandemic. While uncontested divorces may also require a bit more time right now, settlements usually only take a few months.
  • Cost: The longer the divorce process goes, the more it will cost. Litigation means paying more in attorney fees and court costs while potentially needing to take time from work. While each case is different, settling likely will cost only a fraction of going to court, with litigation often running well into the five-digit range.
  • Emotions: A drawn-out, contentious divorce can take a severe toll on you and your family’s emotional health. Stress can invade your personal and professional life and battling it out in the courtroom often leads to a negative co-parenting relationship down the road.

The only time a trial may make sense is when spouses make unreasonable demands over parenting time, sharing assets or setting future support amounts.

Control your destiny

When you decide your marriage is over, contact an experienced family law attorney who understands the benefits of an uncontested divorce. Even when relationships are strained, working together can help both parties start their new lives on a positive note while keeping a judge from making the critical decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.